Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giraffe Suit Production

Fabric Lay

Final Production - Julius

Pocket Bags

I have decided to scribble on the pocket bags as a way of adding more colour and a different print. I think it is quite fun and successful. 

Final Fitting Linsey

The fit turned out really well Im happy with both the design and the fit.

Fitting - Craig

Fitting of the crazy shorts. Its look pretty good just need to fix up some fitting on the shirt and maybe change a pit of the shorts so that they look nicer.

2nd fitting - Linsey

The shirt was way too small which was disappointing. Im also not sure if Im going to stick with the short sleeve shirt. It might not look that great with my final design. 

2nd fitting - Craig

The shorts now fit and the shirt is looking pretty good. Craig has needed very minimal fitting which is really helpful. 

Styling options

Thought I would try out some hats for the styling of the Kinetic Fashion parade.

Final Toile - Mat

The final toil for Mat fits quite well and he is comfortable with the fit. Now Im ready to start on the real fabrics.

Material Exploration

I have found these colourful duffles which would look good at the finishing on the rain coat. I have also tried to see what paint looked like on the pvc plastic. It didnt work that well as the paint was easily scratched off.

Fitting - Julius

Final Toile fitting for Julius - I think its looking and fitting great. It is now ready to start the real final product. 

Jacket Fitting

Im in the final production of the toile jacket. Its fitting well and I think that is is now ready to go into production of the real jacket.

Canberra Weekly

The graduating class made it into the Canberra Weekly which is pretty exciting. We were the cover story and had a half page article which will hopefully gain some interest across Canberra

Shirt Detail

I thought it might look good to ad a little 3D detail to the yoke of a shirt. Unfortunately it didn't look that great so I decided to scrap the idea.

Raincoat Material

I am still trying to find the material I want for my raincoat. I am getting closer. Im not sure if I like the material below. The detail on the pool bed is not that attractive and the glitter might be a bit girly. If I cant find the fabric I will just have to go with plain and give it a little colour with the stitching.

Model Number 4 - Linsey

I have decided to go with Linsey as my model. Although he isnt the best walker. He will be at school so I can fit him when ever which is good as I am running out of time.

Mat - Fitting

This was my final fitting for Mats toil. Now that I have the fit right I will now add the details of panels and pockets to see if that changes the fitting at all.


Shoes for the parade. I found these shoes on Asos. They are quite cheap and I think they would look pretty good with colourful socks and make my collection sophisticated.

Model 5 - Treva

Treva is my final model. Like Joel he is also unsure if he will be able to get work off. He said that he might be able to get work off by 3:30 but that might be too risky to get everything done. I think it might be the better option to find new models whilst its still early in the fitting stage.

Model Number 4 - Joel

Fitting of Joel - My 4th model.

The shorts were too small and the shirt needs a little fitting. Im still uncertain if I will use joel as he might have to work when my panel is on. He is unsure if he would be able to get work off as it is a new job.