Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rain Coat

My feedback after toile review was to create another silhouette this could include a vest or something more experimental. I had played with some designs in my visual diary and I thought it would be good to create a rain coat. I find that there aren't many raincoats out their for adults let alone any trendy rain coats.

What I thought would be good was to create a see through rain coat so that you can still see the garments underneath. I wanted to stick with my colourway however, I am finding it hard to find colourful see through fabrics. I found some shower curtains with had my colourway in stripes but the material wasn't the best.

I then thought about maybe buying a inflatable chair and cutting it up for my patterns. After talking to my consumer I found that maybe the orange see through might not be that appealing and a clear plastic with colourful highlights like binding could look a lot better.

Model Fitting - Julius

Julius seems to have a even figure and I have found fitting him a lot easier compared to the other two. As you can see in the first fitting there is only minimal changes to be made. However the fit might not work so well.

The next fitting was much better however, the back was a problem. I found it to be too tight and so I slashed into the back to allow the fabric to sit where it wanted to sit. This helped with the draglines and made the fit much better.


Model Fitting - Mat

Mat my model has been a little bit challenging to fit. His shoulders are both different sizes and shapes plus his calves are quite large on his legs. From this first fitting there still needs to be a lot of work done.

The second fitting was better but still a lot of changes were to be made. I now hope that once the changes are made I am ready to get going on my final toiles as I am running out of time.

Model Fitting - Tom

This semester I want to get the fit right for the catwalk. So I have decided to start off with basic toiles and then gradually progress with fittings. 

Below are the first two fittings that I have had with Tom. As you can see in the first lot of pictures the fit is not perfect and there needs a lot of work.

This was the second fitting and to my suprise it actually fit quite well. I am now ready to start the toils of my final designs.

Canberra Times

Perpetually Five was interviewed for the Canberra Times and the article was published in the Spring Style Magazine as seen below.

Material Exploration

I have been thinking about presentation when it comes to the catwalk. I want my mood to be fun yet sophisticated. I had the idea of incorporating children's techniques in my total looks. This would include collages and craft. I purchased a bunch of pom-poms, pipe cleaners, streamers and paddle pop sticks and tried to create something fun which I could use in my presentation.

This is just the beginning and I think with more refinement I could come up with something fun.

I will also be using the chalkboard paint so the wearer can personalise and individualise. Rather than sticking with the usual black chalkboard paint I have decided to experiment with colourful ones to tie in with my aesthetic.

Model Casting

Kinetic Fashion Parade held a model casting event at Westfield Belconnen. A number of people showed up to the night and we had the models walk down and show us their stuff.

I ended up choosing the following 5 models.

However Model 1 and 2 below took a long time to get back to me so I have to look for 2 different models.

Logo Design

As mentioned earlier I have been collaborating with Dinah Pollard of ZOO Advertising. Previously Dinah has helped me with my prints but I have also asked her to help me with my logo. My original logo which I created my self is on the left here.

Dinah worked on different fonts and different ways of writing my labels name. However I thought her designs were unsuccessful. So I organised to meet with Dinah to work on a logo together.
 Dinah said that a logo needs to look good in black and white. It also needs to look good both big and small. We found a font that we both liked then decided to add one of the pictures of my prints. We chose a simple rabbit and played around with the positive and negative space. Also tried different ways of placing the logo. 

In the end we were both happy with the circle logo.

Create your own Converse

I had the idea to have converse all stars as my models shows. I thought it would be a great shoe as the website lets you customise and individualise your own shoe. Below are some of the ones that I designed to match my fabric prints. However, when I went to order them I found that they only deliver to America at this stage. 

So back to searching for my models shoes.

Interactive Clothing

I found this T-shirt online. I could not find who it was by but I did find a website where they give you step by step instructions on how to make one. It is a T-shirt with a car track on it designed so that an adult can lie down and the children can play cars on the back. 

This is designed to be fun for the kids and give a massage for the adult. This is a simple yet great example of clothing designed for children to interact with.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Potential Consumer

Orlando Higginbottom, known professionally as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), is an English electronic dance music record producerand DJ.

I think that Orlando could be one of my consumers. His clothing is out there. It is fun yet sophisticated.

Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck (Brecht, 4 February 1957) is a Belgian fashion designer. He graduated in 1980 from the Royal Arts Academy in Antwerp. Together withDirk Van SaeneDries van NotenAnn DemeulemeesterMarina Yee (graduated in 1981) and Dirk Bikkembergs (graduated in 1982) they became known as theAntwerp Six.
Since 1983, he issues his own collections. They are inspired by the visual arts, literature, nature and ethnic influences. His unusual color combinations and a strong graphic influence are characteristic for his collections.

Walter also designs for a children's collection called ZULUPAPUWA for JBC. His range of creative and artistic talents shines when it comes to children, as he constructed a reclining teddy bear chair that was close to thirty feet long incorporating a change room, so that he could display and sell his childrenswear. 

His work speaks of his passion for life. Often, his exhibits offer a message about his views on social issues. What is great, though, is that the displays are fun in nature. The message is important, but you can get someones attention without being too deep and morbid.