Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prelim Desings

Below are my prelim designs for Stage six. They still need a lot of work but its a great way to see the ideas in my head come alive. I still need to play around with the colours to get that right. Because it is meant to be promotional designs for the catwalk I will need to add some more details to make the garments more promotional.

I believe that the designs need to be more refined but I am on the right track.

Converse Shoes

For the end of year parade I plan to have my models wearing customised Converse shoes. These shoes will be designed to match the colours of the each garment. According to the website it takes 2 to 3 weeks for your unique and individual creation to arrive.

You can also personalise the shoe with an ID. Since Perpetually Five will not fit it could be an idea to number each shoe design and since I will be having 5 models that could be a nice way to link Perpetually Five.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sophisticated Prints

My graphic designer also produced some prints with a more sophisticated colour-way.

These colours were based on the current trends that she found through designers such as Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith

Collaboration with graphic designer - Dinah Pollard

I met with Dinah Pollard a graphic designer at ZOO Advertising to help collaborate with me for my fabric designs.

I informed Dinah of what I am trying to achieve with the prints whilst also showing her some of my designs.

Dinah was happy with my original print designs but thought that some of the colour combinations needed some work.

Dinah thought that it would be best to create vibrant colourful prints to reflect the imagination of the child and also to achieve promotional designs.

Together we sat down and worked out my colour-way and tried to refine my prints. Below are the prints that we came up with:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mambo Graphics

Mambo. It's fresh, colourful, ever changing and sometimes rude. 

The founder of the label, Dare Jennings, commissions artists to do work to be reproduced on Mambo fabrics. The artists include a famous maker of ceramics and jewellery (Gerry Wedd), a pop star from the band Mental as Anything (Reg Mombassa) and a cartoonist (Matthew Martin). Their art features surreal suburban landscapes populated by vomiting dogs, horned bulls, boxy fibro houses and Australian insects such as Bogong moth

Their prints are iconic and very successful. Below are some examples of prints which I think are highly inspirational. They work very well as they represent the Mambo brand and can stand out in the crowd.

Flight of the Conchords - Feel Inside (and stuff like that) + Interviews

Flight of the Conchords have used children as inspiration to write a song for charity. This video is a great example of the amazing ideas that can come out of children's imagination. 

Sophisticated Colour Combinations

Looking at some more sophisticated colour combinations that are currently on trend in menswear.